DataTypes An Object-Oriented Multimedia Library
Copyright 1991-1993 Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

DataTypes provides a system-standard for object-oriented, real-time, streaming of various types of multimedia data, including synchronized audio and video.

The concept, and realization, of DataTypes is to be able to, in an object-oriented manner, display or play any type of multimedia data. This includes documents, hypertext documents, sounds, pictures, animation and video data. Figure 1 shows a simplified view of a portion of the DataTypes class hierarchy.


By dropping any type of data file on a display utility or other DataTypes-aware application, the appropriate class is dynamically bound and the data displayed.

DataTypes features include:

  • Object-oriented using the language-independent features of the Amiga's Class Manager.

  • Common functionality is placed in the root-level class.

  • Provides the ability to embed different object types within an application. For example, an application can embed a picture object or even an AmigaGuide hypertext document browser within their application's window.

  • Objects can be embedded within other objects. For example, a picture object can be embedded within an AmigaGuide hypertext object.

  • Dynamic binding.

  • DataTypes objects can be multi-threaded. For example, the video class uses one thread to display the video and another thread to stream the video data.

  • Objects can be queried to determine what functionality they support.

  • Clipboard support.

  • Applications can use DataTypes as a file loader. For example, a Paint program can use DataTypes to transparently load any type of picture data file.

  • Format conversions between objects of the same base type. For example, a GIF picture can be saved as an ILBM picture.

  • Can be used to determine the data type of any file or clipboard data.

DataTypes is currently available for the Amiga and requires a minimum of AmigaDOS 3.0.

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