ZedREXX The GUI System for REXX
Copyright 1993-1995 Reality Check, Inc.

ZedREXX provides users with the ability to quickly and easily build a graphical user-interface into any of their REXX scripts.

Unlike the complex and cryptic syntax that other REXX GUI systems require, ZedREXX syntax is structured, simple and easy to read. Common GUI techniques are implemented in the command host instead of in the REXX script, making the run-time speed and response time of a ZedREXX script similar to the same application written in C.

ZedREXX features include:

  • Abstract textual definition of all user-interface elements.

  • Platform independent user-interface description.

  • Multiple or single window interfaces.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for all GUI elements.

  • Font and text sensitive layout of all GUI elements.

  • Fixed or resizable windows.

  • Support for context-sensitive on-line help.

  • Blocking or non-blocking windows.

  • Drag and drop support.

  • Transparent handling of all event processing.

  • Resource tracking.

  • Support for object observers and multiple targets.

  • Iconification.

  • Access to common dialog boxes, such as File and Font dialogs.

  • Persistent object and attribute support.

  • Automatic snapshot of window size and placement.

ZedREXX is currently available for the Amiga and requires a minimum of AmigaDOS 2.04 with ARexx installed.

Download the latest (Jan 95) registered Amiga version:

Amiga and AmigaDOS are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
ARexx is a trademark of Wishful Thinking, Inc.
ZedREXX is a trademark of Reality Check, Inc.

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